Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) - a great way to start

A Recreational Pilot flies for the pure fun of it!

A Recreational Pilot Permit – Aeroplane, allows you to:

  • Fly as pilot-in-command of a single-engine airplane designed to carry a maximum of four passengers, but with no more than one passenger carried on board, under Day VFR conditions in Canadian Airspace
  • Easily upgrade to a Private Pilot Licence


  • Minimum 16 years of age (14 for first solo)
  • Valid Category 1, 3, or 4 Medical Certificate

Training Requirements:

To achieve your RPP you must have:

  • Completed a minimum of 25 hours flight time, including a minimum of:
    • 15 hours dual instruction flight time, including a minimum of two hours cross-country flight time
    • Five hours solo flight time
  • Successfully complete a flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Standard - Recreational Pilot Permit - Aeroplane (TP12475E).
  • And obtain a minimum of 60% on the written examination Pilot Permit - Recreational - Aeroplane (RPPAE), or Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (PPAER).
    • While ground school instruction is not a requirement for this permit, it is highly recommended to assist in the completion of the written examination.

Recreational Pilot Permit information and pricing


TC Study & Reference Guide - RPP

TC Flight Test Standards - RPP

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